Photography Studios for rent in the Seattle area

The following is a self-compiled list of rental studios in the Seattle area. It was mainly compiled through submissions from Seattle Chapter ASMP members. If you have an addition or subtraction to the list use the contact page to send me an email and I will make the change. This listing is provided as a convenience for the Seattle photography community and does not represent any association or endorsement for any of the listings.

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Harper Studios
Price Per Day: $CallSize (SqFt): 8000
We have two studios available for rent on a daily basis. The day light studio is ~ 1000 sq/ft with a cyclorama, room set and a bathroom. The controlled light studio is ~8000 sq/ft. with several room sets, full kitchen, two bathrooms, drive in street level door. Other amenities: client lounge, WiFi, game room, free parking, optional equipment rental. Located in Georgetown. We are 9.5 miles from SeaTac Airport with easy I-5 and 99 freeway access.
Amenities: Lighting; Kitchen; Bathroom; Windows; Internet Access; Cyclorama;

Seattle Grip and Lighting
206-285-08403 Miles from Downtown Seattle
Price Per Day: $CallSize (SqFt): 5315
The largest film studio in Seattle (5,315 sq.ft.) with a 2-wall-corner-coved cyclorama and grid PLUS an additional 2,000 sq. ft. insert studio under one roof! Hi-speed DSL/wireless Internet connectivity on both studios and production offices. 3 miles from downtown Seattle, close to hotels and restaurants. Amenities include: parking, kitchens, dressing rooms, production offices, green room, staging areas and picture car access to both studios. On-site Production offices are available for daily or weekly rental.
Amenities: Lighting; Kitchen; Internet Access; Dressing Room; Cyclorama;

Ouch My Eye
Price Per Day: $CallSize (SqFt): 1600
We can accommodate every project from product photography to commercial film.

Street level access. 1.600sq ft plus of usable floor space with additional staging areas and 18 ft ceilings.
Seamless backdrop racks that are wall mounted, adequate power, 8ft x 8ft portable walls white and grey.
Black out curtains, a fully functional darkroom, and a rocking sound system that is totally i-pod compatible.
We have a full wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom with shower, couches, hard benches and boxes, dsl internet.

Plenty of comforts for getting the most out of your day or long term project.

In addition, we are located next to Occhio Cafe, The Hawks Nest, Pyramid Alehouse, the Silver Cloud Inn and just a few blocks from historic Pioneer Square, making location more than a convenience. Oh yeah and we are less then a mile from Home Depot for the last minute needs

The true size of our rental facility is based upon your needs and our current schedule.
We can rent small studio space for still-life or larger space for group shoots or film productions etc.
Check out other spots if you like but we can guarantee a creative environment like no other.
Amenities: Lighting;

Barb Penoyar
206-406-5956159 Western Avenue West, Alpha Building, #486
Price Per Day: $CallSize (SqFt): 2500
Perched just above Seattle's beautiful Elliot Bay, in the heart of Seattle's downtown, Daylight Studio boasts unrivaled views of mountains, sea and city. With over 104 feet of windows facing both south and west, it's a beautiful photographic studio that even Macy's, Nordstrom, and Eddie Bauer frequently call home. Call and arrange a viewing to rent this extraordinary daylight space today.
Amenities: Kitchen; Bathroom; Shower; Windows;

Rocky Salskov
206-325-2500Western Ave across from Seattle P-I
Price Per Day: $CallSize (SqFt): 3600
3600 sq ft. with 32' cyc, 28' flat wall, two bathrooms , dressing room, full kitchen, conference room. Gound floor with garage door , so one may drive into the studio
Amenities: Conference Room; Kitchen; Bathroom; White Wall; Dressing Room; Cyclorama;

Eterea Studio
206-973-7536619 Western Ave, Second Floor North
Price Per Day: $220Size (SqFt): 1200
about: We provide professional-grade studio rental services in downtown Seattle. We have successfully hosted projects from fashion, products, stock, portraits, to music and videos. We have also been a destination for acting masterclasses, casting and artistic collaborative gathering.

Enough space for your big ideas without breaking the bank.

We look forward to helping make your projects shine!

studio details: 1,200 sq ft; 13' ceiling; Wifi; Workstation with calibrated screen; Adobe Creative Suite and Lightroom; Backup capability; Controlled lighting environment; Blackout curtains; Client area and restroom; Bogen autopole backdrop system; Freight elevator; Convenient parking & location; 5.1 Infinity sound system; Fridge & coffee makers; Lighting equipment for rental
Amenities: Lighting; Conference Room; Bathroom; Internet Access;

I Candi Studios
206-448-4200Western Ave
Price Per Day: $225Size (SqFt): 475
Minimum 4 hour rental, 342 feet of windows facing South and West. Ground level access.
Amenities: Lighting; Bathroom; Windows; Internet Access; Dressing Room;

Bootsy Holler
Price Per Day: $250Size (SqFt): 850
850 sq. foot studio in Ballard. 10 foot ceilings (great bounce). 15 ft shooting wall. driveway to door then up one flight. system for paper rolls to hang from. wood floors. wireless, phones, darkroom, 3/4 bath, mirrors window on E, S, W sides. great for small shoots. kitchen, bed, couch and chairs on location
Amenities: Kitchen; Bathroom; White Wall; Windows; Internet Access;

Urban Light Studios
206-913-2834Greenwood Ave N
Price Per Day: $295Size (SqFt): 3500
Upstairs Studio
3000 sf eclectic architectural shooting space with brick wall, themed Tiki and China rooms, log cabin green room and abundant available light

Hourly: $100 (2 hour minimum)
Day rate (8 hours): $600

Downstairs Studio
700 sf Manhattan loft style studio with brick and concrete walls, vintage warehouse windows, barnwood door, seamless racks, available light and full length track mounted black/white cycs

Hourly: $50/hr (2 hour minimum)
Day rate (8 hours): $300

WIth rental packages that include use of strobe equipment, a wide variety of modifiers and all grip equipment, the studio is a space to create world class images without the huge budget. We are committed to offering opportunities to both the up and coming and established photographer, and we will work with you every step to make your shoot go as smoothly as possible.
Amenities: Lighting; Conference Room; Kitchen; Bathroom; Shower; White Wall; Windows; Internet Access; Dressing Room; Cyclorama;

206-323-3370Capital Hill
Price Per Day: $300Size (SqFt): 2000
Clean, beautiful, "impress your client" rental studio on Capital Hill. Approximately 2000 square feet with 11-12 foot ceilings. Limited window light. Great easy to find location on Pike and Broadway. We are in a security building with a Full Kitchen, production area with lightbox, and Model Changing room. It is air conditioned during those hot summer months. Large elevator and secure loading dock for easy and worry free loading to second floor studio.
Amenities: Kitchen; Dressing Room;

Richard Brown
Price Per Day: $300Size (SqFt): 1500
I have a 1500 square foot studio in the Interbay area. Studio is at ground level with free street parking. Wi-Fi, kitchen, bamboo flooring and free use of C-stands.
Amenities: Kitchen; Internet Access;

Steven Dewall
See Web SiteWallingford
Price Per Day: $300Size (SqFt): 800
800 Square feet, 200 Amp service, 11 foot ceiling, Garage Door load in, 15 foot x 10 foot coved CYC wall, Free Parking, Wireless Internet, Kitchenette, Dressing Room, Client Area, Lighting for rent
Amenities: Lighting; Kitchen; Internet Access; Dressing Room; Cyclorama;

Laura Cohen
Price Per Day: $300Size (SqFt): 1000
Two studios, approx 1000 and 3000 sq, ft starting at $300/day. The larger studio has a 32' cyc wall and heated floors, full kitchen w/dinette for customers, drive in access, parking, bathrooms, wireless internet access and 8000+ mp3s for our customer's entertainment. We also have two cubicles, office and warehouse space for rent.
Amenities: Kitchen; Bathroom; Internet Access; Cyclorama;

Chalk Studios
206-441-75982315 Western Ave #207
Price Per Day: $350Size (SqFt): 1200
Chalk Studio is located in Belltown just 3 blocks from Pike Place Market on Western Ave. The studio is a 1200 square foot daylight space and is geared towards photography. There is a full kitchen, bathroom, reception area, wireless internet, and a large freight elevator. The space has 150 amp single phase power. Any equipment that you may need can be reserved and delivered to the studio.
Amenities: Kitchen; Bathroom; Windows; Internet Access;

John Granen
206-484-0379Pike Pine District, Seattle
Price Per Day: $400Size (SqFt): 2200
Pike Pine Studios is designed exclusively for photo production. Located in the heart of the Pike Pine District with great access to I-5, I-90 and 520, and plenty of parking nearby. The studio has a 17.5' peak ceiling height. A two wall cyclorama provides great coverage for large sets surrounded by ample power. A 10' Toyo camera stand is included with the space. See website for more info on available gear and features.
Amenities: Kitchen; Bathroom; Shower; White Wall; Internet Access; Cyclorama;

Lyn Porterfield 
Price Per Day: $550Size (SqFt): 3000
Facilities include 3000 sf total, 26' ceilings, 26' wide x 20' corner cyc, production/conference area, telephones/fax, internet connection. We offer full production assistance: catering, talent, assistants, stylists, propping/wardrobe.
Amenities: Conference Room; White Wall; Internet Access; Cyclorama;

SPA Studio
Price Per Day: $1200Size (SqFt): 3300

We do rent studio time to outside parties when the studio is not in closed set use by members or a SPA Studio Model Event is not planned. The studio is large enough to accomodate several projects at the same time.
Exclusive rental of the studio is $100 an hour with a one hour minimum. Hourly rental does not include use of lighting gear.

Half day non exclusive rental of the studio is $650.

16 ft wide x 14' high x 20' long cyc.;24' x 20' light bamboo set with movable walls; 3 "urban" sets; 2 station make up/ hair room; In house wardrobe, props.; Male and female stalled bathrooms; In house make up artists, hairdressers, wardrobe stylist, set designer and photography assistants; Free parking, wifi, and cable t.v.
Amenities: Lighting; Conference Room; Bathroom; Internet Access; Cyclorama;

6598 163rd PL SE, Bellevue, WA 98006 - 425-417-0869