If you have found this page then you hopefully have been searching for a tool I wrote a number of years ago that quickly and easily brings a selection of image files into separate slides in PowerPoint.

This program was written for PowerPoint 2000 but I know it works with PowerPoint 2003. Not sure about PowerPoint 2007. Anyone know?

The program is very simple to use with all the functionality displayed in the programs initial interface.

It's purpose it to bring a selection of images into a PowerPoint presentation and create a new slide for each image. It will resize the image to fit within the confines of the new slide.

I created this page because I still get people finding me and asking about the program.

The program is distributed as Shareware. I only ask that you keep all the setup files together when you distribute it so that the setup program works properly.

Please note that the information in the About dialog is extremely dated. I no longer accept donations and the address for sending them is out of date.

This is a Windows Only program since it was written in Visual Basic. You can download a ZIP file here:

Unzip the files to a directory. Run Setup.exe.

This program was written so long ago I don't even have the source code any longer. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, sorry.

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